Plan, structure, and sample essay

Very often the final type of work checking English is knowledge writing. Many students do not like it because their language skills are not high enough. The reason is that to write a consistent text you need to know the English grammar structure well and have a rich active vocabulary. But actually writing an essay in English is not so difficult, the most important thing to understand is where to start.

What is an essay?

It is a mistake to think that we have the word “essay” in English. In fact, it has French roots, but English culture is spoken by Francis Bacon, a world-renowned philosopher and politician.

In England, this genre has become a journalist and has gained tremendous popularity in the 18-19th century. Essay is a short prose text that expresses a subjective view of what is happening. An example of an English exam is an introduction, the main part is the conclusion.


Any genre in its structure is a specific example, and the essay in English is no exception. The pattern of writing is based on some features. With them you can easily identify what is against you – nothing like this literary genre. Knowledge of the characteristics of the genre will also help to better understand its structure and determine which components must necessarily be present in this type of composition. Let’s look at the elements that emphasize the essence of other literary genres:

Narrow focus. Unlike other literary genres, this kind of work cannot cover several problems. On the contrary, this essay aims to reveal one question, but very deeply.

Subjectivity. This genre is not intended to show how everything is related to a problem, it is to show one’s opinion, to reveal the relationship of the individual, not the public.

The essay did not evaluate the information provided by the author, but its intrinsic qualities, the ability to think logically, the worldview and all that distinguishes it from other people.

What essay exists in English?

The overall goal of writing an essay in English is to express your thoughts about a particular phenomenon, process or object. But you can express your thoughts in a variety of ways: find positive and negative sides of objects, look for advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, there are several types of essays in English:

An opinion or an essay of opinion – it needs to express its own specific question. The problem is that when writing an essay of this type, it is important to be able to find different approaches to the problem, look at it at different angles. In this essay, you cannot strictly defend your position.

Pros for and against, or “for and against” essay. An essay that makes a person look on both sides of an object. There is nothing absolutely perfect or totally evil. Therefore, it must be able to find bad and good sides on any matter. It is necessary to learn very well how to write such an essay in English, the EGE assumes its writing.

Suggestion ways to solve the problem or Suggest solutions. The main problems are the global negative phenomenon in the environment and society. After examining a complex issue, the student must propose a solution.

How many parts does an essay share?

From school we know that the text usually consists of several parts: introduction, text and conclusions. The essay has the same structure, but, unlike a simple narrative, it must have closer information, and it is possible that it matches as many facts and subjective arguments as possible. The entire content of the work is a coherent chain of statements and evidence. The basic quality that will help the child write English essay is logical. The EGE not only examines knowledge, but also the ability to think.


An entry is an important part of the narration. It is in this section that the author describes the problem he poses to himself, tries to read to the reader how he treats the problem raised in the main part. In addition, it introduces a list of key issues and facts in the introduction. The introduction should be as concise as possible and cover the main elements of the problem. In addition, the exam has a psychological portrait of the subject. The essay on the English language reveals how people think.

The main part

It should be a question of your entire thought. The main part of the text consists of a chain “proof of arguments”. You cannot speak of phenomena or objects if they cannot be proved. In order to structure and logically provide information, the text should be divided into parts. It should be said that writing the arguments in the main part will have two opposites. And only by properly structuring the text can you write a good essay in English.


Conclusion – what conclusions have been drawn from this issue. It is in this section that you need to summarize all the results of your motives. Write down the general provisions that were previously set out in the introduction and explained in the main section. Use word packs to help show that this is the essence of the essay, and summarize everything you have written before. As you can see, the essay letter in English must be taken into account when writing.

What kind of plan do you write?

By following a specific writing plan, it will be easier for the student to focus, rather than being nervous. In fact, any essay is a text written according to certain logical rules. It is important to be able to use both deductive (analysis information obtained from the general specific) and the induction (from the very general) logical motives. If the work is based on the logic that the essay of writing English is an important role in teaching.

Below is a writing algorithm:

  • Think carefully about the question you need to describe the essay.
  • Determine how you feel this question (from this form – introduction).
  • Identify the facts that best define the problem you are experiencing.
  • Argument your facts with specific arguments
  • For each fact and argument, select a separate paragraph for the text structure.
  • In the conclusion, mention all the key points of the essay.
  • Advices

In order to write an essay in a simple and qualitative way, we made some recommendations. While keeping them you can not only learn to write well in English, but also to understand how to deal with text:

The essay on English is a very diverse subject, so develop your knowledge of reading books and encyclopaedias.

Learn how to understand English grammar and try to memorize as many vocabulary as possible. Incorrect sentence structure and small vocabulary are immediately visible, which means you don’t know the language.

Always have a draft with you, although you need to be able to use it wisely. Don’t try to write all the exams first and then rewrite it to a clean copy. On the contrary, a sketch of an essay on an English writing plan, the most important facts and arguments for them.

Do not forget that the essay structure is very important. Unstructured text seems ugly, and most importantly, retreats with thought and prevents fragmentation of information on the shelves.

The style of this genre is formal, but if you find it difficult to write in the state language, you can choose semi-formal, but no one uses Slang as a form of communication.

Laconism is not always bad quality, essay plays a very important role in choosing the basic information and making the text as informative as possible and as small as possible.

Always make sure you not only write text but also check it out. Calculate the optimal time to write according to the review.

Any fact you cover must be reasonable and logical.

Learn how to express your thoughts correctly. Never give any facts you know or know little about. Make sure the words you are writing are correct.

Learn word packs that serve as a part of text and smooth transition to them. Remember that the essence of English clich├ęs is a common phenomenon (We cannot ignore the fact that … I have to admit that …, Beyond … According to some experts).

Be gentle in your beliefs. Since the essay shows the subjective perception of the proposed problem, never forget your full justice, because other people have their own opinions on this issue, which may not match yours. In addition, they do not touch slippery topics, including politics, religion, etc.

Introductory phrases: what it is and how they can help

Essay English-speaking standard words, which help the author to formulate his idea, emphasizes the meaning or objectivity of the word in his assessments. They are called introductory phrases. With them, the essay becomes structured and viable. There are many introductory phrases for each part of the message. For example, USE a phrase that draws the attention of the reader (many people think … but others disagree), the phrases used in the main part, compare (on the other hand), concluded that the relevant phrases to instruct to draw conclusions (in summary). Be sure to use the options above to help you express your thoughts transparently.

The most common mistakes

Essay writing in English is not flawed, and it is very important to consider, because the one who is warned is armed.

Study the list carefully with the most common mistakes that will be listed below and draw your own conclusions: Look at what mistakes you are not making, whatever you need to work. So you can find out your weaknesses and try to solve them. The most common errors are:

  • the beginning of a boring story. It is very important to get the examiner from the first lines, to show that he is reading your essay not because he has only to evaluate it, but also because he will find useful information himself.
  • Unusual work done by you personally. You can only read the text Find defects and missing items in it. When a man reads in writing, he understands everything. Do not forget to take the time to check the essay.
  • The composition is based on unfounded facts. Better to do less but better. Choose only those facts that can be justified.
  • The problem is not detailed. Despite being an essay on English (various zoo animals. As you think about it, “Cloning. Pros and Cons,” Computer Games. Pluses and minuses), learn to fully reveal your position.
  • You are trying to be who you are not. Always write works from the heart and just say what you think. Only then will you be perceived as a person.
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